Introducing New Limited Edition Cranberry and Ginger DRY Sparkling

Let’s cut right to the news: we couldn’t possibly be more excited to bring you two limited edition offerings for the holidays: Ginger and Cranberry DRY Sparkling! These specially designed 750 mL bottles are something we’ve been dreaming about for years, so we’re sincerely thrilled to launch them just in time for all the season’s celebrations. We invite you to read on to learn five reasons why you’ve got to get your hands on these new DRY Sparkling flavors.

1. They taste delicious! New Cranberry DRY Sparkling is tart, merry and bright, while Ginger is bold, spicy and festive. DRY’s CEO and Founder, Sharelle Klaus, notes, “Memories of making gingerbread houses and topping the turkey with cranberry sauce shaped the holiday season for me. Ginger and cranberry are two of the most beloved flavors of the holidays, making them the perfect for our latest seasonal offerings.”

2. This packaging is extra-special! These new bottles were created to celebrate the season with a fun and whimsical design. Not only will they look great on a table top or bar cart, but they also make a lovely gift for a host, hostess or foodie friend.

3. They are a great replacement for the other super sweet holiday sparkling beverages out there. Did you know that the most common sparkling ciders have a whopping 225 calories and 50 grams of sugar per 12 oz!?! A ginger beer packs in 145 calories and about 40 grams of sugar per 12 oz. Cranberry & Ginger DRY both have about 70% less sugar and calories per serving than those ciders, traditional cranberry drinks, ginger beers and ginger ales, yet we don’t use any artificial sweeteners or ingredients.


4. They will pair perfectly with your go-to holiday recipes. Festive Ginger DRY Sparkling effortlessly compliments pot roast, bacon, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and sweet treats like snickerdoodles or carrot cake. Bright Cranberry DRY Sparkling pairs with roasted turkey and spiral ham, or with other festive dishes like mashed potatoes, latkes, baked brie or cheesecake. Check out our Pinterest boards for even more pairings and recipes.


5. They make easy, delicious, cheers-worthy cocktails. The bold and spicy flavors of Ginger DRY and the unmistakable tartness of Cranberry DRY shine brightly when mixed into spirits. We love mixing Ginger DRY with whiskey or vodka and Cranberry DRY with vodka or champagne. Find recipes for the drinks in the picture above on our Pinterest page.

Both flavors will be available in select stores nationwide starting November 2016 for a limited time. When you find them, don’t forget to let us know what you think! Share your celebrations with us using the hashtag #DRYSparkling or send us an email at


You can find Cranberry and Ginger DRY Sparkling at  several regional stores and restaurants in Seattle, Portland, New York, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Los Angeles, as well as at the stores below:

Acme Markets
Bartell Drugs
Fred Meyer
Giant Eagle
Metropolitan Market
Plum Market
Total Wine
Town and Country