Featured Cocktail: Whistler Wonderland

Every year, the DRY team takes a trip up to Whistler, Canada, for a food and wine event called Whistler Cornucopia. We pour samples of DRY Sparkling for all the guests and we also get to have little fun! Whistler is known for having world class hiking, beautiful scenery, and amazing conditions for snow sports, so we spend as much time possible outdoors (who says you can’t have fun at work?!).

If you’ve ever visited, you know how bone-chillingly cold it gets in the winter. At times, it seems like all the Patagonia and Northface layers in North American aren’t enough to keep you cozy. Here’s where we come in. Let us introduce to you the Whistler Wonderland cocktail. Perfect to warm you up on those days when a fireplace just doesn’t cut it.

3 oz. Vanilla Bean DRY Sparkling
1 oz. Irish whisky
1 oz. Irish cream
1 oz. Kahlua
Garnish: Sugar Rim

1. Add whisky, Irish Cream, Kahlua and ice to a cocktail shaker and shake well.
2. Rim a chimney glass with sugar, then add a few small cubes of ice.
3. Strain mixture into glass, add Vanilla Bean DRY and stir lightly.
4. And finally, plan a trip to Whistler, Canada, because everyone should visit the wonderland at some point.

This winter-inspired cocktail is perfect for any chilly day. The combination of Irish whisky and Kahlua add warmth and a smoothness. The Irish cream and Vanilla Bean DRY Sparkling add a bubbly, yet smooth finish to this cocktail. Not a whisky fan? No problem! This drink is just as delicious with a little vodka instead.